Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good Chi, Bad Chi

What does the chi in your home say about you and your family? Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly comfortable?...or the opposite, uneasy? You were feeling the energy in that space. In Chinese culture and the ancient practice of Feng Shui (pronounced Fung shway) it is called Chi or qi (pronounced chee), it describes "the natural energy of the universe". New Age describes it as "subtle energy". I won't go into a complex explanation of Quantum Mechanics, but basically that theory is that everything contains vibrational energy at the atomic level. Whatever you call it, it's undeniable, and real.

I recently walked into a client's house that we just finished building some time ago. It's absolutely beautiful, it has granite counter tops, hammered copper sinks, hand scraped hickory floors, and rough honed beam ceilings, just to mention a few of it's high end amenities. There was no expense spared with furnishing it either, but the feeling that I got when I walked in was not what I had expected. The energy felt stagnant, I felt uneasy, and at first I was puzzled. Well, there is a simple explanation, my client had not fully moved in yet, it didn't have the feeling or presence of "life" or "spirit". There are no clothes in the closet, and no food in the refrigerator. But, above and beyond that, there are no personal effects that make a home cozy, no pictures, books, magazines, etc. It doesn't reflect his interests or passions yet. In essence, my client's energy is not present. The house will remain a shell until he is ready to "live" in the space and make it his. We are now finishing up with the accessory phase, and as an Interior Designer I have my limitations. I can accessorize a room, but it is up to the client to bring a sense of self, and ownership into their surroundings. As a family lives in a home their energy permeates it, good or bad, happy or sad, whatever the case maybe, and it gives an impression to all who enters.

The flow of energy(chi) in a room can be interrupted by the way the furniture is arranged, which can be easily fixed. If there is clutter, Feng Shui describes that as blocked Chi. What are the vibes (vibrational energy) like in your home? If you have a feeling that something isn't right, it probably isn't. A design professional with experience in this area can help diagnose the problem, and put you on the right track.


Helen Ginger said...


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Emma Larkins said...

Came over here from Helen's blog. She's right, this site is very relaxing :) I hope to stop by often!

Susan Cooke said...

Thanks Emma for the nice comment. :)

crumblebug said...

I just moved to wonerful townhouse and I have been having what I call a chi virus. Basically I have always gone with the flow life's river. I have never experanced this!!! It's like I am going thru huge rapids! I keep hitting huge obsticals, like walls I can't get around and I'm being rerouted backward.

I moved 2000 miles and with no furniture, just the essentials. Dishes, linens, books, clothes, ect. I am slowly getting furnature, but mean while I am having a chi virus.

I want to share some of the mishaps that have been going on. LOL... My friend was thinking I was causing it somehow. When I tried to explain it actually started to alarm me. Okay last week I wanted to go to a lecture, when I got there they changed it to another time last second. K? So I left to go home and my fuse for the car outlet was blown so my gps didn't work. So of course I ended up going to another town. So I was late for work. Another oddity, I went to the library to check my email, like I have before, and there was a new posting that they weren't able to open yahoo mail at this time. Is it me? LOL!

I am hoping it's related to this post. I feel like this is the key! If anyone has some tips that would be great!