Thursday, July 31, 2008

Living in the Present Moment

Yesterday I caught myself smiling from ear to ear. It was a beautiful morning, I was with my significant other and we were riding our Wave Runners down a quiet slough on the Delta. It reminded me of being a child, without a care in the World. For that moment, I had no problems, and no worries. I was living in the present moment, I was having a blast, and I was truly happy. There were no other boats around, and the water was as calm and still as glass. There were Egrets flying overhead, and fish jumping. In the distance I could see Mt. Diablo. It was one of those "aha moments", or as I like to call them "God moments". All I could think about was, how blessed I am. We all have those moments, but we have to be conscious and present to be able to appreciate them. Yes, we all have bills to pay and issues to deal with, but if we focus on the negative we blind ourselves to the beauty and joy that surrounds us, and the reminders of our blessings.
What makes you smile from ear to ear? Have you let yourself enjoy those activities lately? What are you waiting for? It can be anything, the sky is your limit. And...remember focus on the positive and be present in the moment!

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The Poet said...

That is really great advice. I was having a kind of gloomy friday...clearly I am blogging and not working.....and that was a good point we should live in the present. thanks-