Saturday, July 12, 2008

What makes a house a home?

There was a time in my life, shortly after my divorce when I leased a house. It was a beautiful house on a beautiful lot overlooking a golf course. Every night the sunsets were spectacular. I knew that I should be happy, yet I wasn't. It wasn't the house, it was me. No amount of decorating can make your house a "home" if you don't have inner peace. Unfortunately I moved before I was at peace with myself, so I was never able to enjoy the beauty that, that house had to offer. So, what I've been thinking is, what makes a home a "home"? Is it the house and the items inside, or the people within that home. A home is where we feel most comfortable, our "comfort zone". We look forward, at the end of long trip, to coming home, sleeping in our own beds, and being in familiar surroundings. Yet there are those of us, who don't feel like their homes are inviting enough to have guests over. That seems like a paradox, although we are comfortable, we fear what others think. Is my carpet clean enough? Will people think that my house is acceptable? We want approval from others that what we have is good enough. If your home is good enough for you, than it should be good enough for others. If there are things that would make you more comfortable in your surroundings than change them. My point is, don't decorate your home for other's approval. Do what truly makes you happy. Your home should reflect you and your family. If you are happy, your home will reflect that.

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