Thursday, February 3, 2011

Formal Country

I love contrast when designing a room. 
 Maybe something unexpected, like adding a formal element in a relaxed, casual environment. 

 Think of a silver serving tray on a pine kitchen table, or a gold gilded mirror in an entry way with concrete floors. 

 Combining opposites can be extremely satisfying! 
Contrast is important when making a statement.   Like an exclamation creates drama! 

Anyone can design a conventional room.  Next time you want to make a change in your decor,  make a statement. 
Think eccentric...think unconventional...make a splash!  It's more fun.  

How about a little Formal Country?

image via tumbler

Are there unexpected details in your rooms? 

What are they?
 I would love to hear examples of how you have created drama in your home. 

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Sarah, Three Boys said...

That image is awesome! Love it. I think the only drama going on at my house is the fireplace, stop by and check it out. BTW i am your newest follower!

molly susan strong said...

Love this The juxtaposition of elegant and barn! Thanks for coming by my follower too!

Burlap Luxe said...

I just love this photo can you just imagin having a horse stall like this.

Keep inspiring white.

Thank you girl for all your kind words and visit to my place of sanctuary arts.

Vintage Barn 27 said...

Have just become a follower! Love the unexpected! Love formal rustic, and other unexpected combinations in design.
The elegent lighting with the horse is fantastic. Looking forward to your posts.