Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simple and Rustic Log Cabin

Butch Anthony began building his log cabin in 1988 and is still tweaking it. It is made from heart pine salvaged from an old mill in Columbus, Ga., and put together with the help of his home-made rigging — cables and pulleys strung from the branches of pine trees. Mr. Anthony made the chandeliers on a screened porch from twigs and cow bones; the 1930s quilts came from his Possum Trot auction.

I love this room, so simple...
I could imagine myself laying on that bed
 in the afternoon reading a book.

Butch wears only Liberty Overalls. 
 He owns 25 pairs of them.

The sticks in the windows (beaver sticks)
 were collected from sticks chewed by beavers.

The art on the wall above the bed
 is a rusty spring from an old bed.

A collection of Mr. Anthony's art.

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Sarah, Three Boys said...

Gorgeous! I love all of the white and exposed wood. I could totally live there!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Love all these rustic images.

Philigry said...

beautiful images! Thank you for sharing. Love your blog!